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Usage Fee

You can start easily with no initial fee!

After the introduction, you only pay for what you used so you can reduce the cost.

Pay-as-you-go system for
the service usage fee

Since the charges occur when you use the service, you will not waste fee if the scale or frequency of the conference changes each month.

Usage fee system

Item Content
Service usage fee
(Usage fee for access point)
Usage fee per minute x conference time x conference participants (number of lines) Usage fee is calculated as Usage fee per minute x conference time x conference participants (number of lines) and the host of the conference is responsible for the fee.
Communication fee
(Conference host is responsible)
  • You can use free call in country and 53 countries and areas abroad. (including some areas still in preparation)
  • Participants access the free dial access number.
  • Service usage fee and communication fee are charged to the host of the conference.
Communication fee
(Participants of the conference is responsible)
  • In Japan, they access “CCA service number” (050 number for all Japan).
  • Participants from abroad access the local access point abroad*.

* Telephone fee to the access point set up in various locations in the world is charged as communication fee.

* We are increasing the area where access point and area where free call is available.
Please contact us for the available countries and areas and fees in each areas.

Usage fee example

When the conference is held by a host in Japan (Tokyo) and 2 participants in US (New York)

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