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Easily and Simply Connected. Connected to the World.

CCA web conference which has made possible the collaboration with audio conference. The sound without depending on network is stable and clear. Of course, PC audio system can be used.

CCA Only: Pay-as-you-go system without initial cost nor monthly fee.
No charge accrues for a month if our system is not utilized.

Please consult us without hesitations because flat fee rate is available.

Have you selected web conference by being confused by actual results and business shares?

The services such as web conferences, video conferences and audio conferences are an infrastructure itself to clients. There needs the presentation of infrastructure services to meet the purpose of clients’ utilization.

That is why there exist consulting capabilities and solution proposal by CCA.

Our greatest feature is the feasibility of the proposal of total conferencing services such as web, video, audio and the like in a one-stop manner. This is possible by the development of services by our company. This is second to none.

By grasping whether web conferencing services meet clients’ purposes of the introduction and application usages, and clients can get the greatest performance of cost-effectiveness, we can recommend web conferencing services to clients with confidence.

Here are differences of CCA web conference!

  • Possible to Coordinate with audio conferences

    Have you ever experienced the difficulty in listening to sound while web conferencing system is being used? Because CCA web conference makes possible the coordination with audio conferencing services, clear and high-quality conversation is ensured through phone network. The sound is stable because of the non-dependency on network, and the conversation progresses without any stress.

  • Flexible Accounting System

    CCA is the only company that offers the pay-as-you-go system of web conferencing services. The charge accrues to the usage of the system: pay-as-yo-go system. Flat fee rate plan is also provided. It is possible to cope with clients flexibly. Clients who have made a contract of audio conferencing services can use our web conferencing system for nothing while audio conference with web conference is going on.

  • Flexibility/Consulting Capability

    Web conference is suitable in a true sense? Is there another method? “audio conferencing service and data-sharing service” to clients considering web conference”, “mobile and video conference” to another customers, and so on. We help clients to select the most suitable solutions in listening to clients’’ situations.

  • Outstanding Supporting Capability

    CCA operators will handle the specialists of conferencing services and language ability. On one hand presiding and proceeding of event conference are handled. On the other hand they also cope with the questions such as “no connections” and “operations beyond understanding”. It is possible to support our customers for 24 hours 365 days by our technical staff provided with the service operations and maintenance over a long period of time and accumulated knowhow.

Effects after Introduction

  • No Installation Required
  • Realization of Real Communication
  • Cost Reduction and Improvement of Business Efficiency
  • Actualization of Paperless Meeting
  • Possible to Use Mobile Terminals

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