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IR Events

IR Events

We provide service unlike others with the collaboration with a special IR assisting company, Chorus Call providing audio and video conferencing services.a special IR assisting company and video conferencing service.

By using audio conferencing service of Chorus Call Asia IR Events,
you can provide briefing that is practically the same as having it at a conference hall without gathering the investors all at once.

Convenience that anyone who has a phone can participate.

Reduce the burden of the administrator of the briefing.

The ability to have timely conversation with investors in and outside the country.

Chorus Call Asia, who provides high quality and high quality sound audio conference, can help your IR activities.

Change in the environment involving IR

Recently, the environment involving IR has changed drastically. Especially after the fall of the Lehman Brothers, the desire for investor to reduce cost and labor, and for analysts and fund managers to use the time efficiently have grown.
Furthermore, because of the special case where settlement time is concentrated, investors want to participate in the results briefing without going to the briefing site via audio conference and companies are starting to correspond to the needs quickly.

Effect of using IR Events

Exposure to potential investors is increased

Now that live / on-demand streaming with “video, audio, and data” is possible on the web, you can efficiently expand the potential investors who could not come to the briefing site. Since there is physical and geographical restriction, it is easy to access and is a very convenient system for investors.

Provide the opportunities to release the information equally to personal investors.

Recently, there are more companies who emphasize on expanding personal investors. Through PC and telephone, you can broadcast via sound to personal investors so it is a very effective method to materialize the equal information disclosure.

Save time and cost

It drastically reduces time for both IR administrators and investors.
You can mechanically hold the broefing with advantage such as no need for reserving the briefing site and being able to broadcast the briefing to personal investors.

Advantages of IR Events

For companies

No physical restriction

  • No time and cost required for moving to the site.
  • Maintain equality for the investors who cannot come to the site by being able to participate outside the site.
  • Investors abroad can participate.

Great controllability and effective management for the host

  • You know the participant in real time.
  • You know who asked the question in real time.
  • You can refer to the material without being worried about the investors.

Easily processed such as replay and play on demand

  • You can quickly provide on-demand play or sound replay.
  • Live streaming is easily done.

For investors

Get rid of the concept of distance

  • No time required for transportation (Reduction of time and cost)
    The advantage is great for investors when the disclosure date is concentrated.
  • Investors who cannot come to the site can participate from the outside.
  • Investors abroad can participate

Easily processed such as replay and play on-demand

  • You can quickly provide on-demand play or sound replay.

Various usage in IR activities

IR Events of Chorus Call Asia can not only do results briefing, but also can be used for company briefing, new management plan, and special announcement for important management items such as the introduction of new product in the market.

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