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About Chorus Call Asia

Chorus Call Asia Corporation is joint venture project made possible with the joint investment of Chorus Call of the United States and Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation.

  • Chorus Call® has been supplying
    conferencing service with its own product for
    more than 30 years across the globe.

  • Hitachi High-Technologies has been constructing,
    selling, and supporting conferencing systems in Japan
    for more than 15 years.

By uniting the experience of the two companies, we supply unprecedented
multi-point remote communications to Asian customers with cloud computing.

About the Launch of Chorus Call Asia

Establishment of Chorus Call Asia started from the encounter between Compunetix, Inc., a communication device manufacturer based in Pittsburg, USA (currently the communication device manufacturer of Chorus Call Group) operating the business for over 50 years, and Hitachi High-Technologies, a business company of Hitachi Group.

Computenix Inc. has been spreading the video, audio, and Web communication connection service to numerous users around the world before the rest of the world through Chorus Call Inc., build in 1996, with its excellent technology and vision, in order to make their proprietary products used by wide range of customers. On the other hand, Hitachi High-Technologies has been in the market of video conferencing system since 2000, proposing solutions combining world’s excellent and unique products with their proprietary products and customer-oriented support to Japanese customers. In the meantime, Compunetix and Hitachi High-Technologies met in 2008. Both Compunetix and Chorus Call Inc., which were preparing to enter Asian market in full scale, and Hitachi High-Technologies, which were strongly identifying the necessity of cloud business through considering requests from various Japanese users, reached agreement to build a new company supplying communication cloud service to customers in Asian countries including Japan. Subsequently Chorus Call Asia was built as a joint venture company of Chorus Call Inc. and Hitachi High-Technologies.

A company supplying one-stop tools of versatile communication such as video, audio, Web using the world’s top-level communication devices developed by Compunetix Inc. –this is the Chorus Call Asia Corporation.

The history, experience, and corporate culture of each company are combined by Chorus Call Asia Corporation. Based on this heritage, we are progressing toward Asia’s best communications service provider developing, supplying, and support the service which customers desire, from the aspect of customers, with the quality required by customers, prioritizing the contribution to the customers.

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