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  • Chorus Call, Inc. is a global communications services provider founded in October, 1996 at the headquarters in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, in the United States. As a pioneer communications services provider, it is a great honor to have this opportunity for all of you in Japan and Asian countries to experience our superior technologies and services by providing a wide-range of meeting services such as audio, video data and web.
    To meet the various multi-point conference demands we operate with a dedicated team of professionals. We offer our experience and dependable skills. We promise to provide high-quality support services to many countries in Asia.

  • Chorus Call Asia Corporation was founded in April, 2013, to provide Japan and Asian countries with various meeting and cloud services such as audio, video, data, and web. Recently the way of working and communicating is changing greatly. Diversity, safety, and convenience are in great demand than ever before. Chorus Call Asia Corporation lays down the framework to quickly respond to customer demands through our in-house developed service devices and application software to provide customers with services that bring satisfaction. As a business partner to our clients we will contribute to the development of our services, reinforcing our support system and coordination internationally.

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