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Fundamental principles of information security

1.Planning and implementation of the management policy of information security, and continuous remediation

Chorus Call Asia Corporation (our company below), operates in accordance with our behavioural policy of PASSION to represent our mission to be Asia’s best communications service provider. To accomplish our organisational mission and ensure the implementation of this behavioural policy, we understand the information security is one of the most important assignments to our company upon the management of the business. We hereby develop the management policy of information security complying with laws and regulations ordered by the government and other bylaws. Furthermore, we establish and consistently implement our management policy of information security throughout the entire corporation with a central focus on our board member. Information security regards to the organisation, human resources, as well as physical and technical factors will also be maintained accordingly and continuously improved.

2.Preservation and continuous management of the information assets

We shall undertake the safe management plan in order to preserve information assets against any potential threats to confidentiality, integrity and availability managed by our company. Appropriate management measures will be adopted for the continuous operation of the business.

3.Compliance with laws and regulations

Our management policy of information security will be complied with laws and regulations ordered by the government and other bylaws and will be executed accordingly. Necessary action will be prosecuted in the matter of violation of this policy, referring also to other regulations such as our employment regulation.

4.Education and training

We will conduct employee training regarding the information security to educate our employees as well as our board member so as to expand and improve internal awareness on the information security.

5.Precautionary measures against the accident, and countermeasures in case of an accident

We pursue the prevention of any accidents concerning information security, however, will be prepared upon the occurrence of the possible accident, with the appropriate correspondence in a quick and efficient manner including the prevention of the reoccurrence.

6.Organisational act on ensuring the exemplary practice

We strive after establishing a constructive structure in order to ensure the exemplary practice by our company as well as our group-affiliated company subject to the above five terms.

7th March 2018
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