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“Video”, “Audio” and “Data” can be delivered to all around the world

Easy delivery of “Video”, “Audio” and “Data” to PC, smartphones and tablets. Able to simultaneously deliver to bases numbering over 10,000. It can be viewed from anywhere in the world if you are connected to the Internet.

What is a Live / On-Demand Streaming service?

CCA’s Live / On-Demand Streaming services allow you to deliver seminars, results briefings and large conferences on-line. Other than broadcasting live to more than 10,000 locations, you can deliver the recorded content of the broadcasting.
You can view the content from your PC, smartphone or tablet whenever and wherever you wish, if you have an Internet connectable environment.

Service features

Feature 1
No need to purchase expensive dedicated machinery and servers for streaming delivery.

No need to purchase filming equipment and dedicated machinery for delivery. You can even use your existing video conferencing system and able to deliver to many locations without an expensive investment.

Feature 2
Experienced staff will support from preparation, appointed day, to after finishing.

As well as on-site attending on the delivering day, CCA will fully support from choosing and setting the equipment needed for the delivery, to recorded broadcasting, questions from viewers and collection of the viewer information.
The organizer just needs to prepare the content and the material.

Feature 3
It is available to view anywhere anytime from your PC, smartphones and tablets.

You can easily view the content from an Internet connected PC, smartphone or tablet. A recorded content can also be viewed anytime anyplace, if you were not able to view it real-time.

Service content

You can combine “video”, “audio” and “data” for the delivery suiting your need.
From the basic live and on-demand streaming to screen customizing and on-site support, we provide flexible service which is unique to CCA.

  • Audio + Data

  • Video + Audio

  • Video + Audio + Data

Live streaming Real-time streaming of events.
On-demand streaming The data delivered live will be delivered on-demand.
※The delivered period for the recorded data is 3 months from the day published.
Please inquire if you wish to extend the delivery period.
Preparation such as selecting machinery needed for delivery and building of servers will be done.
Streaming screen customizing We will customize the streaming screen according to your wish.
Welcome page Setting the front page to explain the delivered content.
Login password Setting a password to the delivered content to limit the view to the people knowing the password.
Customize screen image You can change the color of the streaming screen and set your company logo.
Viewer information registration screen You can set a screen for the viewers to input their information as names and e-mail addresses before their viewing.
Broadcast streaming work on the delivering day On the day if the delivery, an experienced engineer will support you on filming and broadcast streaming on-site.
Making file for
on-demand streaming
We will do editing needed for on-demand streaming as cue trimming and inserting change time for slide material, etc.
Making CD for saving
streaming data
We will make and hand over a CD containing streaming data.

Other than the above, we will flexibly meet our customer’s needs such as additional customizing of the streaming page, setting up the site including laying Internet connection, renting sites for delivery and etc.

Use Cases

①IR briefing

Deliver the briefing real-time without burdening the wide-spread investors and stockholders with travelling expenses and time. For the people who could not arrange their time, they can view it from their PCs, smartphones and tablets.

②Various conferences
 including foreign bases

Large conferences as all branch conferences and agency conferences will be delivered to all bases including abroad. The conferences can be even viewed from small or foreign bases. This can result in better communication between the bases for the approved decisions can be grasped real-time.

③Workshop, training

Delivering educational contents for employees in wide-spread bases and providing know-how to the agencies. The trainee can view the content by their own pace and without pressure. It also reduces on costs for securing a large location and on travelling expenses.

④Lecture, seminar

By delivering the talks and seminars through the Web, many people can participate in it. Even if you could not participate real-time, you can feel even the atmosphere by using the on-demand streaming while staying at home.

⑤President’s new year

Delivering the president’s new year oration to bases all around the country using live and on-demand streaming. You can listen real-time to the president’s live voice sitting at your seat. Of course you can view the content later using on-demand streaming.

⑥Product presentation

You can advertise your product to the whole country and to the whole world using the Web streaming, resulting in pioneering new customers. Viewer information registration screen can also be set to easily collect the customer’s information. This can be expected as a new marketing assisting tool.

Frequently asked questions

Q 01 . What is different from video conferences and audio conferences?

Differing to a video conference and audio conference which requires designated endpoint and securing lines, you can view the content from anywhere if you have an Internet connected device as PCs, smartphones and tablets. It is ideal for delivery to a large base.

Q 02 . How many bases can the content be simultaneously delivered to?

A delivery to more than 10,000 large bases is possible. Please inquire for details.

Q 03 . Can the security be ensured?

It can be set to allow only the users who know the ID and password to view the content. Of course, an open delivery which does not require any ID or password is also possible.

Q 04 . What equipment is needed to deliver and receive?

The service can be used through the equipment shown below.
< Delivery >
Windows PC / H.323/SIP compatible video conferencing endpoint / Telephone
< Receive >
Internet Explorer / Firefox / Google Chrome / Safari
※Please inquire us about the detailed models and versions.

Q 05 . Other than live / on-demand streaming, there are various multi-point conferencing services such as audio and video conferences, and I do not know what service is the best.

CCA ask our customers the usage application and put effort into consulting so as to perform the best in every aspect.
All types of conferencing services are developed and provided by our company, therefore we can provide flexible advice meeting our customer’s needs.
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