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Audio conferencing services by Chorus Call Asia let you have multi-point audio conferencing easily when necessary.
You can easily participate in the conference anywhere with a phone such as your office, home, or cell phone. You can easily have conference with 3 locations to over 100 locations just with a telephone.
Also, you can use web conferencing <iPresent> function with the combination with PC data as a standard function so you can have ideal remote communication with the combination with high quality sound and web conference.

You can have web conference for free!Data sharing tool <iPresent>

Using the web browser, you can use iPresent which allows you to share data for free!

It is convenient in such time!

You can share data on production scene!

Detail for iPresent

Easy conference recording! Automatic recording function Auto Recording

You can record the conference as soon as it starts. You can send the information on download site for the recorded sound at the end of the conference.

It is convenient in such time!

It is great for an important conference that you want to have a record for.

For emergency contact and BCP measures! Simultaneous transmission function Crisis Management

If the host participate in the conference using passcode, the information is transmitted simultaneously to registered participants.

It is convenient in such time!

It is great for directions and contacts in case of natural disasters or emergency.
It is also optimal for BCP.

We support audio and data conference in IR event. IR Support

IR conference requires specialized flow.
It is convenient for settlement explanation.
* This function is provided by the collaboration of e-Associates, who is the specialized IR support company.

IR Events

Smooth conference procession is possible with easy control system! Conductor Web

You can set up or change the conference report or schedule during the conference. You can also control the dial out of tentative participant, starting and ending of recording.

It is convenient in such time!

For executive conference where you want to proceed the meeting without troubles!

High Security

Substantial function to protect your conference such as double password and pin number set up.

Diamond Pass

URL for the conference recording is issued. Participants can access the designated URL, enter their company, department, and name set up by the host to get the PIN code.
They can participate in the conference by entering the pass code and PIN code they received.
The host can verify the tentative participants and the actual participants just by sending URL.

Passcode + Pin

You can assign individual PIN code for tentative participants.
Participants can enter passcode and PIN code to participate the conference. It is great for conference that requires high security.

Conference Level Passcode

A service that let you have another conference code than the normal passcode. The host can set up different conference code when they participate in each conference and participants enter the conference by entering the passcode and conference code. It is great for conference that require high security.

Project Code

A service that let you have another conference code than the normal passcode. The host can set up different conference code when they participate in each conference.
You can pay per conference so it is great for cases where they can clarify the price for each department and project. Many lawyers offices and accountant offices use this system.

Other functions


As soon as the conference ends, the detail of the conference is automatically emailed to the mail address registered prior to the event.
The information include the date and time of the conference, list of the participants, and the time of entry and exit from the conference (connection and disconnection time).

View Q & A

Web service that allows you to check the number of participants and people who want to ask questions in real time. You can access it anywhere with a web browser.
If the participant push the designated number when they want to ask question, the host can check the list of who wants to ask questions and how many people want to ask questions.


You can freely customize the greeting message played when they join the conference.

Participant Name Record

This service allows the participants to record their company name and their name when they join the conference. The recorded name is announced to when they enter or exit the conference.
Also, it is possible for only the host to know.

Recording Notifier

When the conference ends, the URL where sound file can be downloaded is automatically sent to the email addresses registered prior to the event. They can use the content after the conference, give it to the participant who could not join, or composing the minute.

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