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Substantial Support

Substantial Support

Operators become your Partners

Operators of Chorus Call Asia (CCA) supply various services as the partners of the customer, exceeding the category of support center.
Let alone expert knowledge, every operator in Chorus Call, which operates business in 11 countries including Japan, has high language skill.
It is the cornerstone of the support that we supply the relief by receiving the problem and request precisely, and the smooth communication.

CCA’s professional operators are entirely different from the operators of Call Centers.

Operators of general call centers are utilized in various scenes including sales calls, response to inquiry, or help desk.
On the other hand, CCA’s professional operators act as MCs or facilitators of IR briefing or international conferences supporting the smooth procedure of conferences, as well as taking care of inquiries and help desk.
This is the very strength of CCA. Operators with expertise in every conferencing service including video, audio, and web solve the problem of the customers.

They back up the conference, like your secretary.

We can configure the connection to have conferences, check the attendants, manage entry and exit of the attendants, and also call attendants to tell the start of the conference.
Attendants do not have to set the conference. You can participate in the conference just by sitting and picking up the phone. Please utilize in important meetings such as executive conferences.

Facilitating the events such as IR briefings as the MCs.

We assist the smooth proceeding of the events such as results briefing, appropriately switching the voices among the host company, presenters, and investors.
Flexible operation for enhancing the IR effect is possible.

Of course we can cope with the problems such as “can’t connect.”

Our professional operators can quickly respond conference users’ Frequently Asked Questions such like “Display does not turn on.” or “How to connect?” without your conference organizers’ help.
While asking the condition of the machine, we probe the problem and supply the solution.
Professional operators with both expert knowledge and language skill supply opportunity to create new utilization of conferencing services surpassing a simple conference.

Reliability and Speediness that the technical staffs directly support

With the backup of the technical staff, we can quickly respond more expert consultation or uncommon troubles, with the support of the technical staffs.
We supply highly satisfactory services based on the experience and know-hows built up through the long-time operation services.

Service support along the customers’ requirement

We can support 24hours per day, 365 days per year in case of a sudden trouble. Our technical staffs visit the customers and directly take chares of the request or the problem such like “We want to do that kind of things using conferencing service,” or “We want to use it, but there is a security constraint.” We propose the service precisely optimum to each customer by directly receiving the request.

High consultation capabilities based on rich experience

This is a consulting service based on the specialty of the professionals of Hitachi High-Technologies cultivated by the experience of supplying system integration. The technical staffs with high language skill as well as with full knowledge of their expert fields can communicate with customers without any interpreter.

Towards the further cost reduction and optimization of the business! One-stop full support is available.

Typically companies using conferencing services have dedicated management staff. CCA can undertake everything including maintenance and administration of services, management of the conference, and monitoring the communication, enabling one-stop full support. We assist the optimization of your business by enabling you to concentrate on the main business with outsourcing, as well as reducing the cost of management personnel.

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