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Audio conferencing

Web Conferencing(iPresent)

More simply and easily.
Smooth communication with everywhere in the world with clear sound.

Audio conference by Chorus Call allows you to have multi-point audio conference easily.
You can have a conference with 3 people to a large conference with over 100 people and in any scenes from daily business to important conference.
You can use it anytime, anywhere just by entering passcode.

Pay-as-you-go system without initial cost nor monthly fee.
No charge accrues for a month if our system is not utilized.

Please consult us without hesitations because flat fee rate is available.

We provide high quality service support that suites your needs.
We are confident in various aspects.

Service is developed by Chorus Call who has an overwhelmingly large share in the world. So we can provide high quality audio conferencing services with freedom to set up your plan.

Ability to have high quality audio conference

High quality sound like the normal telephone
Since it uses “normal telephone line” instead of the internet, you can have a conference with clear sound like the normal telephone.

No fixed fee necessary!

You only pay what you used
It is a pay-as-you-go system where you pay what you used. If you don’t use it, the payment is zero. There is no charge such as account maintenance fee or monthly fee.

No special device necessary!

You only need a telephone
There is no need to invest in specialized device or systems. You can hold a conference just with the push tones of a telephone.

Relieving support system

No manager is necessary
The professional operators for the conferencing service will fully support you from supervising the connection to the progress of the conference. You do not need to have an in-house

Global Support

It is collaborated all over the world
The Chorus Call network in eleven countries allows for conference support and operational support 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

You can have web conference for free

Data sharing tool is equipped
Using the web browser, you can use “iPresent” for sharing data for free.
Data sharing tool iPresent

Easy Audio Conference in 3 Steps

We also have various functions you can use in various scenes and according to your demand.
Furthermore, you can use all functions for free.
You can let us know the function you want to use when you sign up and you can use it anytime.
Also, if you want additional function when using audio conferencing service, we can set it up for you if you contact CCA.

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