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5 strengths of Chorus Call Asia

Satisfactory Services with Satisfactory Quality. Chorus Call Asia (CCA) supplies the conferencing service connecting to the world, with which the world becomes close to you, with the objective to lead Asian communications service provider market.

Strength 1: In-house development, supplying all services in one-stop

Video conferencing, audio conferencing, and Web conferencing, etc.
All services are supplied in one-stop.

CCA is developing all services including video conferencing, audio conferencing, web conferencing, or live / on-demand streaming, etc. The support after introduction is also done in one-stop. There is the strength that all communication services are supplied by a single company. We can receive the customers’ requirement directly and reflect it to the service, because we are developing all systems in-house. The capacity to respond to the customers’ needs, focusing on even the finest of details, is also the strength of CCA.

Strength 2: Big cost merit with pay-as-you-go system

No monthly basic fee.
Cost is reduced with “pay-as-you-go” charges

The scale and the number of conferences often varies monthly. With no initial cost, no monthly basic fee, the cost for the month with no use is 0 yen. Nor we require minimum duration of service or cancellation fee. We supply quite flexible price plan in which combinations with flat fee rate is also possible, assisting the customers’ cost reduction.

* If other services such as dedicated networks are used, monthly basic fee can be imposed besides the conferencing service.

Bank transfer is available as a payment option !

It can drastically reduce your trouble for the monthly payment. For more information, please contact us.

Strength 3: Overwhelming support capabilities and consulting capabilities

High-quality service support following the requirement of customers and appropriate proposing capacity.
CCA’s professional operators do not only cope with the problems including “not connected” or “not viewed,” act as the MC or facilitator of events such as international conferences or IR briefings. Additionally, it often occurs that the customers using conferencing services have managers of the system. If you leave your business to us, professionals support everything from the operation of the equipment to troubleshooting, or even the technical consultation in various ways. Please do try our support by professional operators and technical staffs, with high customer satisfaction.

Strength 4: No need to invest in facilities. Free softwares are also supplied.

PCs, tables, smartphones,,,,
You can begin using our services with any devices which you are used to.

Do you have any difficulty launching the conferencing service? You can participate in the conference with PCs, tablets, or smartphones you are currently using. You can avoid the increase of fixed assets since you need not buy expensive servers or dedicated endpoint. Please identify the ease of introduction.
Additionally, we supply “iPresent,” the collaboration tool between audio conferencing and web conferencing for FREE.

Strength 5: Chorus Call Network in 11 countries supplies Global support

Your conference room becomes “an international conference center.”
Global conference can be held easily.

Worldwide conferencing service is the field which we are strong at, making full use of the know-hows of Chorus Call Inc., which operates the communication cloud business in 11 countries including Japan. Supported by the operators good at English, we take care of conferences of global scale worldwide. We strengthen the cooperation among the member companies of Chorus Call Group spread in 11 countries to supply the real global support. Of course we can supply services from our overseas office.

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